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Growing up in the community of Milton Keynes, and with very little variety to the food that they encountered as youngsters, chefs Aaron and Shane want to ensure that great, well produced food can be available to this community. Using the tastiest, fresh and locally sourced ingredients, based in a current and innovative venue, the pair want to create the most enjoyable dining experience for all of their customers.


Twenty out of Ten aims to offer fine dining food, without the fine dining preconceptions.




We know that to enjoy your meal, you have to be enjoying the dining experience. You need good ingredients, a good venue and good company; at Twenty out of Ten, we can provide great food and a great venue… all that’s missing is YOU! We want our vision to reach as many people as possible, seeing that the best food doesn’t always mean big plates and small portions, but well thought-out, seasonal menus that really ignite your passion for food.


For you to be excited by our food, we need to keep our offerings fresh and current, and so our menu will be changed weekly. All of the dishes on our menu are homemade, utilising fresh and locally sourced ingredients, and each dish is cooked to order. We also offer variety through our daily specials, including fresh homemade pasta, light salads & vegan/vegetarian options.

As well as being the place that I am incredibly proud to call my home, Milton Keynes is also the place that my food journey began. Not because I was bought up with the finest of dining; in fact, quite the opposite! I remember growing up on beige food and with very little food culture; this lack of diversity in my early meals led me to search for variety in my food, both in terms of what I cook and what taste experiences I can offer others.


I started my 12 year career at award winning, Michelin & Rosette acclaimed restaurants, working all over the country, but something always seems to draw me back to my home town. 5 years ago I achieved my own award for 2 rosettes, and then moved on to work as a private chef in Switzerland for a period of time.


During my career I have been recognised on a number of occasions: being awarded Milton Keynes Best Chef twice (2012 & 2018), being acknowledged as Northampton’s Best Chef (2016) and most recently my working venue, Aynhoe Park, have just been awarded Best Wedding Venue in Europe. Now, as much as I appreciated this recognition, I feel that my true reward is being able to bring good food to people in a great venue. My ambition is to bring a fantastic food culture to Milton Keynes that isn’t built up on chain restaurants, street food & pubs. I want to bring a relaxed dining experience that focuses on fresh, tasty food & good times; offering my own style of food that is seasonal, modern, healthy & light, with a huge emphasis on fun plates of food and using ingredients that are at their best.




Given my great passion for it, you would assume that my association with food had been lifelong. However, growing up we didn’t have the luxury of the finest foods, and all of our meals seemingly came from the frozen aisle of the local supermarket. Then, at the age of 15, I came upon the opportunity of a part-time job washing dishes; it was this experience that opened my eyes to life in the kitchen and, in turn, the possibilities presented by quality and fresh foods. From that point onwards, there was no looking back! ​


I moved to Cookham where I was afforded the incredible opportunity to work under the (at the time) youngest Michelin star chef, Clive Dixon. I have since worked a shift at the two Michelin star Hand and Flowers, and have been the executive chef of a farm where I had the luxury of picking the freshest and organically grown produce, which I used as my ingredients every day. I have also worked on a number of boats in London, and taken on temporary opportunities to run a selection of rosette properties.


However, it is clear for me to say that my greatest achievement to date is starting up a company with my brother - and my best friend - Shane! I am so proud of how far we have both come, despite the cards that life has dealt us, and I can’t wait to see how far we can now take this venture together!

Twenty out of Ten will find its new home at the already established eatery, Fourth & Fifth, in the centre of Milton Keynes. Opening its doors 2 years ago, Fourth & Fifth was the brainchild of a group of local, likeminded businessmen; both with a passion for good food, and wanting to promote the business opportunities that the area had to offer, Fourth & Fifth was created. Becoming the town’s first independent breakfast, coffee and brunch venue, it has quickly become a popular favourite with local residents and business people alike. Through close partnerships with local independent retailers and suppliers, Fourth & Fifth is proud to be a local social destination serving the community of Milton Keynes.


In this spirit, they can think of no greater suited venue to host Twenty out of Ten. Tying in with the vibe that Fourth & Fifth has created over the last 2 years, Twenty out of Ten are passionate about their friendly approach and high-quality produce, and look forward to being able to share this with a community that they are so heavily invested in.




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